> Phillip Helbig writes:
>  > > oh come! dont be *too* paranoid. if we have to pay a license fee to use
>  > > ISO standards, the world will have become *very* odd...
>  >
>  > From what I understand with regard to Fortran standards, if you want a
>  > copy of the standard, you have to pay a substantial sum to ISO.
>  >
> that sounds like a reasonable fine for those using Fortran.

Well, it applies to ALL standards.

> you also have to buy newspapers and books and electricity and food.

Yes, of course, I have no problem with this in principle (I use VMS not
linux and don't mind paying for the work someone has done).  However, if
one USEs a standard, in practice one would need a copy, so it's either
pay money or do it illegally.

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