At 09:36 -0600 1998/11/09, Alvaro Castan'eda Mendoza wrote:
>        Hi. I think that we can define some like a GNU-ISO or a FREE-ISO,
>it is a ISO for free and public domain software, it
>also may be for LaTeX.

I am not sure what this is: ISO is an organization that has as rule to
over-charge standards as a means paying for its largely considered
inefficient bureaucracy. There are other alternative standardization
organizations. Some claim that it is possible to have ISO standards which
are not charged for (HTML is claimed top be in this category) by claiming
to ISO it is unacceptable to those sponsoring the development of the
standard, by raising funds paying the bureaucrats, and so forth, but many
of those supposedly free standards are in reality pre-ISO working documents.

  So even though the idea of ISO is laudable in theory, in practise it is
not, as it does not have the effect that people think it will have.

  Hans Aberg
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