> It seems to me that something similar to BibTeX is the best solution.
 > There have been some preliminary versions of this mentioned on this
 > list.  The journal could modify the \maketitle command to get all the
 > frontmatter stuff (institute, email, present address, corresponding
 > author, acknowledgements to title or authors etc etc) out of a .bib-like
 > file, using what it needs and complaining if something is not there. The
 > author just writes \title{efwe}\author{Fwfe}\date{fsfs} as usual (OK,

but one of the problems with BibTeX is the lack of structure in an
entry! that model will not satisfy the need to express the fact that
there are 10 authors; 4 are are from institution B, 3 from institution
C; author 9 is at institution B and D; author 10 is at instutition D,
but currently on leave at A; author 10 is deceased. author 7 is the
corresponding author.