> DC> The original idea of the supported area (and described in a document of
> DC> Joachim's which I am not sure was ever really public)
> I never intended to keep it private. And I always thought it's on CTAN
> -- but when I checked it now, I couldn't find it.

there certainly was a torrent of ill-informed abuse about some such
thing as this, around the time 2e was about to appear (or had just
appeared).  the sort of thing that tries to invoke fascism as an
explanation of someone proposing to impose structure on something...

> It was not really appreciated by the developper community at that
> time. Reactions were not unfriendly -- more uninterested...
> For those still interested: http://ftp.dante.de/~schrod/ holds it.

rings a bell, though i'm not sure i've seen it in quite this form
before.  would you like me to stuff it on ctan, for good measure?