Peter Schmitt writes:
 > The relevant comparison in this case is with _LaTeX markup_
 >   ( TeX could parse SGML/XML as easily as any other program :-)

people _say_ that, but one notes that it has never been done, to my
knowledge (and I mean beyond the constrained environment of eg

 > But, of course, LaTeX is more friendly to the user than HTML
 >    -- that's the penalty one has to pay ...
what does HTML have to do with it?

even wrt HTML, history is not on your side. millions and millions of
people write HTML happily every day, a tiny proportion write
LaTeX. what does that suggest?

anyway, there *is* a point to my thread; which is that while (La)TeX can
do the typesetting job, its a gross *input* language; if you only
talk to the formatting engine ((La)TeX) through a constrained  channel
(XML as input, stylesheet for styling), you won't meet half so many

possibly i digress. I feel the heavy breathing of Frank and Chris.