At 10:51 AM 98/11/24 , you wrote:

>I do have one last (trite) remark - why are you (the publishers
>reading this) spending so much time on arguing about typesetting and
>publishing? Why don't you spend my money on publishing......?

Have pity on Sebastian, please :-)  He is telling it like it is, and you are
repeating the litany of how you think things should be.  Listen to him.
He comes from the same religion, but has been exposed to the real
world. It is only natural to gang up on him because he speaks against
the one and only true faith.  But its all too easy.  Do we feel so threatened
that everytime someone expresses an opinion that in the sightest way
departs from the current dogma we have to send out a lynching crowd?
Doesn't truth count for more than fervent belief?

Regards, Berthold.