Phillip Helbig writes:
 > I disagree here.  The beauty of PSFRAG is that one can divorce the
 > graphic from the .tex file.  Often, graphics are made for overheads etc
 > and later recycled in a .tex file.
i can sort of see this scenario, but it sounds weird. why dont you
generate the graphics in a high-level system if this is your need?

 > recreate the plot, which in some cases might mean a lot of effort, every
 > time I change fonts in my document!!!!!!!  The whole beauty of TeX/LaTeX
 > is macros; I don't want to hard-wire fonts into anything!
i sympathize. and would use Metapost for my plots, obviating the
problem :-} (but then Berthold would hate me again)

 > Or I might use a plot in one paper with one notation and the same plot,
 > say for a semi-popular talk, with a different notation.
 > Long live PSFRAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
psfrag is great, _if_ you live in a world of one formatter, and one page
description language. Big "if", if you ask me (which you didnt, before
anyone says so)

i know i sound like an evangelist, but XML/MathML/SVG really *are*
designed to cover this sort of game. your SVG graphic will embed
MathML markup cleanly.