At 14:48 +0000 1998/11/27, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>Hans Aberg writes:
> > Experimenting with laserprinting showed that 300 dpi is too low for
> > displaying fonts correctly, so one needs at least 600 dpi for that. But to
> > be on the sure side, laser probably want 1200 dpi.
> >
>i swear to you, i was _happy_ with 300 dpi for at least 7 years. its
>nonsensical, IMHO, to say that 300 dpi cannot display fonts
>correctly. *some* fonts come out badly, most don't

Well, that's what I meant: For hyperfine fonts and such, one must have 600 dpi.

> > So, before that happens, it will not be possible to design documents to be
> > read on the screen if that is to contain the (graphical) information we are
> > used to on paper.
>how does this follow at all? are you telling me you cannot read 24pt
>Lucida New Math on screen?

Believe it or not, 24pt Lucida New Math is not convenient for displaying
math formulas: One should use 10 pt, and regardless how you magnify it to
see the details, necessary in math as a tiny dot usually means something
different than something quite close to a dot, it is not very convenient.

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