At 15:48 +0000 1998/11/27, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> > Believe it or not, 24pt Lucida New Math is not convenient for displaying
> > math formulas: One should use 10 pt, and regardless how you magnify it to
>amazing. now I have seen it all. "One should use 10 pt". I'll get on
>the phone to all the typographers and designers I have ever met, and
>tell them. I'll see if its too late to cancel some of the journal
>issues coming out of Elsevier this week.

One alternative would be that you learn to not always read things too
literally but try to see the intention as well (it might save you some work
:-) ):
My guess is that I had in my mind writing
    One should use 10 pt or something, and regardless how you magnify it to
or something.

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