At 15:59 +0000 1998/11/28, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>A colleague told me that the term "printist"
>(by analogy with "sexist", "racist", etc)
>has been coined to describe people (including me)
>with this misguided view.
>Printists are evil people who cut down rain forests
>and clog up waste-disposal units.
>Hopefully the EU will soon promulgate directives
>to cut out this kind of thing.

I gather printing all the EU directives on this will caused a whole rain
forest to be cut down, filling an uncountable number of waste disposal
units, and the landfill will provide London with a new suburb.

On Sat, Nov 28, 1998 at 01:03:27PM +0100, Chris Rowley wrote:

> Would you be happy to have to do all your Java course on-line, without
> a decent printer available?

This is of the kind of temporary material I would myself try to avoid
printing out.

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