Timothy Murphy writes:
 > The only PDF documents I've seen with useful hypertext
 > are pdflatex ones presumably generated using hyperref.
where the only links are 1:1 "click and go" types. if the source had
more sophisticated XLink syntax, we could not render it with Acrobat

 > Incidentally, has something happened to pdflatex-hypertex links,
 > or am I doing something stupid?
 > I no longer seem to get the links eg to the bibliography
 > which I used to.
is this what is known in the trade as a "bug report"? no, i have not
deliberately broken owt.

 > [It surely isn't just because I disagree with Them.
 > I know They are mean, but surely They are not malicious?]
"They" have no control over hyperref or pdftex....