At 20:04 +0100 1998/11/06, Chris Rowley wrote:
>...I hope the :-) does not imply that it is laughable...

  The symbol ":-)" means "please do not be offended by this; take this with
a smile". :-) It was the only such smiley symbol once formally defined for
Internet use, even a prgram I have provides the following 24 symbols:
    :-) smile
    :-} grin
    :-D laughing
    :-x kiss, kiss
    :-* Oops!
    :-o Oh, no!
    :-I puzzled
    :-, Hmmmmm
    :-C unbelievable
    :-( frown
    :-c unhappy
    :-V shout
    ;-) wink
    :-] smirk
    :-B drooling
    :-X wet kiss
    :^D Great!
    :-? licking lips
    :-\ undecided
    |-) asleep
    8-) wide-eyed
    :-< mad
    :-[ pouting
    |-{ Good grief!

Are these symbols part of some LaTeX package?  (I must link this back to
the discussions of this list. :-) )

  Hans Aberg
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