> ultimately incompatible. I really know SGML/XML (Sebastian, what do
 > you hope to get out of the LaTeX3 project that you think you cannot
 > get out of SGML?),
I want a reliable batch-oriented page makeup system, no more, no
less. I want to store my text in XML, and have LaTeX produce beautiful
pages when I give it a style sheet

 > already exists and supposedly works well? Moreover, especially when
 > typing Mathematics, complete logical mark-up is way beyond what most
 > authors need in practice.
today, yes. but they are crippling themselves by saving all their hard
work in a presentation format, IMHO.

 > If my requirements go beyond publishing, my primary tools are
 > different (although it would help if they could export to LaTeX
 > when it comes to publishing), but then I don't mind the extra
 > effort required.
with respect, is that not short-sighted? the "extra effort required"
can scale up into man years