Sebastian wrote --

> i feel the same about LaTeX -
> I can write fast in it, like it, get results with it, but I know its
> not good for me. so i must force myself to readjust. i'll do my
> hacking in a different part of the process

By writing your own personal formatter in java, I assume,
... after you pass the course!

>  > Do people feel that such an approach is useful and has a sufficient
>  > chance of success?  If so, would anybody actually do some work?  I am
> i feel very strongly that your suggestions will get nowhere without
> a single leader, who can devote real time to it. i know i advocate
> Bazaarism, but in this case, it'll get nowhere without a
> coordinator. IMHO.

Which is also what the bazaar article says.

It is very good to see that people are prepared to devote time to
this work.