Joachim Schrod writes:
 > MS Word is a fu**ing bad, brain-dead program. Compared to other
how come so many people continue to use it? like they eat hamburgers
and drink coca-cola, I suppose.

 > loosing), etc. Being forced to use MS Word always means to raise
 > project prices.
oh, *thats* why its used....

 > infrastructure base. No, IMNSHO XML is not usable for authors, and I
 > don't see this changing in the near or mid-term future. It's too
 > inconvenient, return on personal investment is too low, and there are
 > no tools in sight that will change this.
a few million people use LaTeX, which is inconvenient,
has a vile syntax, no interface,
effectively no commercial tool support, etc.

i concur with your analysis. but what now? waste more time on the
varied evils of Word and LaTeX? or try to get the XML tools written?