Timothy Murphy writes:
 > > no. with pdfTeX you can get direct access to PDF as you
 > > compose the TeX. an obvious example where pdftex is needed is
 > > to allow breaking of links across lines and pages
 > But can PDF break links across pages ? --
no, it cant, thats the point. so you have to make the "<link refid="foo"
text="Jones and Christopher, 1976"> into two links, "Jones and Chris-"
"topher, 1976", on separate lines, both pointing at "foo". OK, so the
eggheads could do this in TeX macros (ie trap the hyphenation point
and insert a \special). I can't. Donald Arseneau went a long way, but
I don't even even he had a general solution. Hans H may, of course,
have re-attached the problem and solved it. Others may prefer to try
and find the point in the dvi file, and insert some extra "end link"
"start link" stuff.