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> >Ps If xdvi worked as advertised it would itself be a TeX browser.

> Maybe this is something that merits more discussion.  DVIWindo
> can be launched when a browser hits a DVI file.
> But there are obstacles to making this sort of thing a reasonable alternative.
> One is that the DVI files are compact in part because they do not include
> fonts, so this works only if everyone has the fonts that are used.
> That probably means using CM fonts for everything.  Included figures
> are an obstacle since these are not included in the DVI file, so would
> have to be fetched in a separate interaction.

These are indeed cogent points,
which I had not really thought out
when making my rather off-the-cuff remark on xdvi.
On fonts, it seems to me that it ought to be possible
to organise things so that missing fonts
are downloaded automatically from the original site (with the DVI file).

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