At 21:35 +0100 1998/12/09, Marcel Oliver wrote:
>Hans Aberg wrote:
>> EBNF like other computer languages. The problem is that there is no
>> way within TeX to ensure that authors use that syntax. Further, TeX
>> integrates authoring and typesetting in a way, making the task even
>> more difficult.
>I don't think it is really a problem.  At least I think I have a
>pretty good idea about what's LaTeX and what isn't.

Does this mean that the papers are going to be sent to you for verification
of syntax correctness? :-) -- The problem is with all those that do not
have this insight.

>  Things get much
>more difficult to keep functionality portable, and this is what needs
>to be discussed in detail.

I am not sure what you mean by "portable" here: If a manuscript should be
converted to a format requiring a certain syntax, and the original does not
have the right syntax, then the translation process will break.

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