> It depends on whether one is deceptive or not: If the money for the
> proceeds goes directly to a person which happens to work at the LaTeX
> project, then most would think that it is not in the support of the LaTeX
> project specifically, as the person getting the money can do whatever she
> pleases with it. Only if the money is specifically earmarked as belonging
> in support of the LaTeX project would one expect it to be so. But a
> deceptive person would surely label the former case as being the latter
> case.

Do the `people in the LaTeX 3 project' get paid directly for their work?
Or is it a `spare-time' effort?  If the latter, the fact that they get
royalties keeps them from having to work more elsewhere (assuming that
they are not independently wealthy) presumably aids the project by
allowing them to work on it.