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15 Jul 2000

New in IGCS - Online Bibliographies:

Towards a bibliography of works and passages on local religious life in
mainland China in the twentieth century (Republican China [before 1949] and
the PRC)

Ed./Corp.:  Barend J. ter Haar, Institute for Chinese Studies, Heidelberg,
Language: English.

Self description: "[... A bibliography of substantial literature on the
topic that] also strives to include those works with shorter yet
substantial discussions, which are otherwise not included in the customary
bibliographies on religious culture. Another feature is shorter or longer
annotations on the source value of the various works in question. This
bibliography does not replace, but rather supplements other works, such as
the three all-important bibliographies by Thompson and Seaman."

Description: Does not include material on Taiwan.

Site contents: (1) Bibliographical work; (2) Between 1911 and 1949
(General; Red Spears and similar self-defense groups; Local cults as the
nexus of local society; Local cults in general; Fox cults; Buddhist
traditions; New religious groups; Ritual and theatrical traditions; Local
religious culture); (3) Between 1949 and 1976 (On a local level; Buddhist
traditions); (4) After 1976 (Human Rights; General; Local cults and
festivals; New religious groups; Buddhist traditions; Ritual and theatrical
traditions; Qigong movements); (5) Christianity and Islam in the PRC (A
top-down perspective; Some handbooks on Christianity; Some handbooks on
Islam); (6) Relevant journals with up-to-date information.


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