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10 Aug 2000

New in IGCS - Culture and Art:

China: Fifty years inside the People's Republic

Ed./Corp.: Asia Society, New York, USA
Language: English.
Resource type: Photo exhibition.

Self description: "China's diversity is revealed in luminous photographs by
Hiroji Kubota, in which vibrant emblems of the country's rural past
converge with intimate views of present-day life, and in the panoramic
landscapes of Lois Conner, resonant with allusions to ancient art forms.
Chinese artists Xiao-Ming Li, Zhang Hai-er, and Wang Jinsong explore
aspects of contemporary life through religious practices, popular culture,
and the proud accumulation of household possessions. Chinese-Americans
Reagan Louie, Mark Leong, and Richard Yee use photography as a medium to
understand their parents' native land--and in the process, their own
identities as artists and world citizens. In Sebastião Salgado's
photographs of Shanghai we see the convergence of old and new on a grand
scale, while Zheng Nong focuses on yet another aspect of China's
modernization: the polarizing effects of rapid urban and industrial growth.
These themes and more are further explored in photographs by Eve Arnold,
David Butow, Macduff Everton, Stuart Franklin, Robert Glenn Ketchum,
Antonin Kratochvil, Liu Heung Shing, Brian Palmer, Wu Jialin, and Xu Jinyan."

Description: Each photographer's work is introduced by a short biography
and a few words by the artist. Includes a 9000 word introductory essay
titled "This is our China" by Rae Yang, currently Chair of the East Asian
Studies Program at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.

Site contents: Introduction; Essay; Photographers; Chronology (Qing Dynasty
- Today); Catalogue (ordering information); Credits.

Note: Frames capable browser needed!


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