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19 Aug 2000

New in IGCS - Online Bibliographies:

Working on religious culture in China

Ed./Corp.: Barend J. ter Haar, Institute of Chinese Studies, Leiden, The
Language: English.

Self description: "Unlike many Internetresources, this bibliography aims to
incorporate both traditional style printed works and on-line resources. I
will not provide a complete bibliography of anything that is available, but
attempt to survey those works and websites that directly assist in the
business of doing research on Chinese religious culture. In the same way,
the user of this resource is advised to obtain complete bibliographical
information (especially the full collective authorship of larger works)
from the works concerned. My information here will be restricted to the
run-of-the-mill information needed to find the book, journal or website in

Description: The Website is still under construction but already provides a
large amount of the most important literature and resources in Western
languages as well as Chinese and Japanese.

Site contents: (1) Finding Internetresources; (2) Finding books and
articles (Raw bibliographies, Annotated bibliographies, Bookreviews); (3)
Finding information (General introductions to Chinese religious culture,
Finding information on Chinese religious culture, Introductions to Daoist
traditions Research guides on Daoist traditions, Introductions to Buddhist
traditions, Research guides on Buddhist traditions); (4) Words and terms:
dictionaries and encyclopedias (Buddhist, Daoist, General); (5) Finding
texts (Dunhuang texts, Buddhist texts, Daoist texts, Precious Scrolls); (6)
Sourcebooks, anthologies, translations (General, Daoist, Buddhist); (7)
Journals on Chinese religious culture; (8) On bibliographical work.


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