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06 Aug 2000

New in IGCS - On-line Journals:

Sino-Japanese Studies Journal (SJS) (= Zhong Ri yanjiu)

Ed./Corp.:  Joshua A. Fogel, Sino-Japanese Studies Group, University of
California, Santa Barbara, USA
ISSN: 1041-8830.
Numbering: 1.1 (1988) - 1.2 (1988) (appeared as: Sino-Japanese Studies
Newsletter); 2.1 (1989) - .
Frequency: Two no. a year.
Language: English.

Self description: "From the start, SJS was conceived as a journal devoted
to studies of China and Japan together, irrespective of discipline or time
period. For many that would take the form of comparative Sino-Japanese
research, while for others that meant actual Sino-Japanese interactions.
Everyone involved has been committed to fostering this sub-field which at
once both covers both the China and the Japan fields while, at the same
time, examines where these two meet."

Site contents: (1) Home (Description and subscription information); (2)
News (empty as of Aug. 2000 - HL); (3) Table of Contents for past issues;
(4) SJS Listserve (Subscribing and Archives); (5) CJK Computing (Learn
about the latest software for Chinese/Japanese computing); (6) Links to our
Favorite Japanese and Chinese sites; etc. Availability: Available are
tables of contents of all back issues; no fulltext articles. Note: Frames
capable browser needed!

Resource suggested by The Asian Studies WWW Monitor (07 May 2000).


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