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07 Aug 2000

New in IGCS - Internet in China:

China's Internet "Information Skirmish"

Ed./Corp.: U.S. Embassy, Beijing, China, Jan. 2000
Language: English.

Self description: "Summary: The Chinese government and some Chinese both
inside and outside China have been fighting an "information skirmish" on
the Internet for over three years. The Chinese government filters the flow
of information into China. Dissident groups mail thousands of electronic
periodicals into China. They constantly switch originating addresses to
evade filtering. Some foreign websites are blocked but Chinese surfers
often use proxy servers to evade the Great Red Firewall. Email from China
cannot reach certain foreign addresses but using a foreign email account
(such as Hotmail) can solve that problem. The old Chinese saying "For every
measure taken on high there is a counter measure down below" is illustrated
by the wide use of anti-filtering countermeasures. Many Chinese government
rules such as the October 1999 net rules banning foreign news articles on
Chinese websites have short half-lives. Even banned books sometimes appear
in full text on PRC web sites. "

Site contents:
(1) PRC Government, Dissidents in Net "Information Skirmish";
(2) Many Use Proxy Servers to Evade the Great Red Firewall;
(3) Picture.exe Virus Mails Encryption Keys Back to China;
(4) Chinese Language E-Publications From Abroad Come to China;
(5) VOA [i.e. Voice of America - HL] E-Mail Broadcasts Are Usually Blocked;
(6) Internet Forums, Books Online, Military Websites and ICQ;
(7) Online Chatting, Telephony Opens The Door Ever Wider;
(8) October Ban on Foreign News Stories on Web Sites Has Faded;
(9) The Short Half-Life of Chinese Regulations;
(10) Banned Books on Chinese Government Websites.

Resource suggested by David Cowhig via H-Asia.


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