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08 Dec 2000

New in IGCS - General:

The Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA)

Ed./Corp.:  Centre for Research in East Asian Archaeology (CREAA), Durham
University, UK
Language: English.

Self description: "[...] was founded in April 1996. Before that it was
known as the EAANetwork. We have a world wide membership interested in the
archaeologies of China, Korea and Japan. Not all our members are
professional archaeologist and we welcome any scholars and members of the
public who are concerned about and interested in the early periods of East
Asian history."

Description: The pages of the society serve as an important clearinghouse
for resources (printed and on-line) on East Asian archaeology, including
state-of-the-art reports, news, and a huge bibliography section (3,293
references as of Dec. 2000). The society also publishes The Journal of East
Asian Archaeology, edited by David Cohen.

Site contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Special Features [special
contributions on EA Archaeology by international scholars - HL]; (3) News
and Reports (China Archaeological News; Conference calendar;  Conference
reports; Conference abstracts; Latest field reports;  Museum news; New
Print Publications; New Online Publications; Journal Abstracts); (4)
Archaeologists' pages [papers, reports, talks, working diaries and
miscellaneous writings by archaeologists - HL]; (5) Website submissions
guide; (6) Related Internet sites and resources; (7) The Society for East
Asian Archaeology (SEAA); (8) The Journal of East Asian Archaeology (JEAA);
(9) Archives ([contains some older files of the news section; previous
field reports; and on-line access to the now discontinued newsletter of the
East Asia Archaeology Network (EAAN) - HL]; (10) Bibliography of
western-language works on East Asian archaeology.


Hanno Lecher

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