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28 Jan 2001 (HL)

New in IGCS - News Media:

Tibet Information Network (TIN)

Ed./Corp.:  Tibet Information Network, London, UK
Language: English, with parts also available in Tibetan and Chinese.

Self description: "TIN is not a campaigning organisation: its newsgathering
balances official statements from Beijing, Lhasa and Dharamsala with
reliable first-hand testimony from Tibetans themselves."

Supplied note: "Those of you who speak/read Tibetan and/or Chinese, might
like to know that Tibet Information Network (TIN) has for some time been
providing summaries of selected TIN News Updates on our website, [see the
URL below], translated into both Tibetan and Chinese. No special software
is needed to read this material. [...] The most recent material to appear
has been translations into Tibetan and Chinese of sections of our latest
research publication 'China's Great Leap West."

Site contents: (1) Reports from Tibet [incl. annotated photographs - ed.]
(Culture, Economy, Education, Environment, Outside Tibet, Patriotic
Education, Policies and Leaders, Prisoners and Protest, Religion, Tourism,
Women); (2) News updates [35-40 a year, with online editions since Jan
1997, also available for free via email - ed.]; (3) TIN publications [incl.
37 TIN background Briefing Papers published since 1988 - ed.]; (4) About
TIN/Contact; (5) Tibet File (Selected books on Tibet, Travel to Tibet,
Chronology, Glossaries, Population statistics (for Tibetan counties in the
Tibet Autonomous Region and the neighboring provinces of Qinghai, Gansu,
Sichuan and Yunnan); Tibetan counties & prefectures [their lists, maps];
Images from Tibet); (6) Search; (8) Links (Aid and Development Agencies,
Media Sites, China Related Sites, Images and Film, Tibet Related Sites,
Books, Human Rights, Travel & maps, Libraries and Academic Sites).

Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (24 Jan 2001) by Richard
Oppenheimer , Tibet Information Network, London, UK.


With kind regards,

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