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28 Dec 2000 (HL)

New in IGCS - Online Bibliographies:

Bibliography of Western-Language Works on East Asian Archaeology

Ed./Corp.: Gina Barnes, Durham University, UK
Language: English.

Self description: "Compilation of this bibliography began in 1971 and has
grown over the years with frequent additions. [...] For several years,
Running Bibliographies, Members Bibliographies and Special Subject
Bibliographies were published [in the newsletter of the East Asian
Archaeology Network - ed. ...] All the published references in these
bibliographies have been dumped into the big bibliography presented here,
organised by author surname. [...] Because this list has been developed
unsystematically, there are many omissions; thus, the list is not
comprehensive and should not be mistaken to be."

Description: Unfortunately this extensive bibliography (more than 3,200
entries!) carries no annotations nor any kind of organizing structure as a
guiding help for the reader.

Note: The document has a size of 614K!


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