Internet Guide for China Studies Newsletter
revised entry 07 Feb 2001 (HL)

Revised in IGCS - On-line Journals:

Ed./Corp.: New Art Media Ltd.

Language: English.

Self description: " is a web-based portal site designed to
provide collectors, historians, curators, dealers and critics outside the
modern China context with an in-depth look at some of the art making
history in China today. Our hope is to contribute to a more pluralistic
knowledge of the world's contemporary art."

Description: Established in late 1997 as Chinese Type Contemporary Art
Magazine, this is a bi-monthly e-zine on traditional (ed. by Nixi Cura,
Inst. of Fine Arts, New York Univ., USA) and contemporary (ed. by Zhu Qi)
art in China. You will find a wealth of high class articles and material
here on a well structured and maintained site.

Site contents: Chinese Traditional Art: (1) Magazine; (2) Books, (3)
E-Bulletin; (4) Galleries; (5) Notable Collections; (6) Contemporary Art;
(7) About Us; Chinese Contemporary Art: (1) News; (2) Books; (3) Archives;
(4) Traditional Art; (5) About Us; (6) Links.