Internet Guide for China Studies Newsletter
07 Feb 2001 (MarcB)

New in IGCS - News Media: ASIA

Ed./Corp.: Cable News Network, USA et al.
Language: English. Also available in Japanese, Chinese (headlines only!),
German, Italian, Swedish , Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish.

Description: CNN offers high quality news reports. The structure of the CNN
ASIA site is designed in a way that lets you take in lots of information in
little time. The site provides many useful links to various sites that
contain the latest news articles, analyses and reports on most any subject.
You can use a search engine to provide you with back issues of journal
articles and other news. This site is a must for anyone who is looking for
fast and reliable information.

Site contents: Contains an East Asia regional news section including links
to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, the Japanese Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, the Hong Kong Government, the Taiwan Government, the South
Korean Ministry of Unification and the North Korean News Agency.

Archive: Contains a searchable archive.