> I agree with you. TeX imposes, in my opinion, arbitrary limitation that
 > have no place in a world of super fast PCs with virtually unlimited
 > memory compared to the machines of the seventies. The future is Omega
 > or any Unicode based typesetting engine capable to handle OpenType
 > fonts and able to generate PDF.

how much evidence do you really have with respect to this? this is a serious
question. unfortunately the majority of the owners of super fast PCs and
unlimited memory have no use for even simple accents that would fit
comfortably into a single 8bit encoding, eg T1, and a lot of those who could
make good use of Omega currently are working with the machines of the
seventies or not far further.

the situation is better than it was 5 year ago but is it really as you claim?
or will it be (soon?)