On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Frank Mittelbach wrote:

> a) UTF8 isn't seasier to parse for LaTeX than LICR if the LICR is not UTF8
> that is :-) since LaTeX has the parser for LICR built in and for UTF8 you have
> to add it

I was talking about using other tools. You can have Perl scripts, for
example, that take UTF-8, and generate anything you want to use. You may
distribute these generated versions before the internal UTF-8 support in

> ps is there anybody at the other end of omega-developers-list being interested
> on a unified version of LaTeX supporting omega and tex? as you may have seen
> (since i know you are on it) i've written up a couple of comments and ideas
> regarding Javiers drafts but was even more stonewalled than it sometimes
> happens on this list.

That should be problem of the sourceforge config. Yannis and John are
sometimes very busy, you know.