William F. Hammond writes:

 > The question lingers, however, as to whether we view xml as off topic
 > here.  On the one hand, xmltex is something that runs through LaTeX,
 > and, on the other hand, if xml is a presence, it changes the package
 > writing scene inasmuch as some of the things that people get from
 > packages can be provided (sometimes better) before regular LaTeX
 > action begins.

I don't think that xml is off topic at all. personally what I'm concerned with
is providing mechanism and concepts that can be used to achieve good
typography. i certainly agree that something as xml can handle certain things
better than clumsy attempts in the past doing it in (La)TeX.

but it doesn't go all the way and I guess something like LaTeX still has a
place in the game; so far I don't quite believe in XSL engines that drive a
low-level formatter which is not capable of properly quering its generated
typography data (something TeX(variant) systems can).