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15 Jun 2001 (Hanno Lecher)

New in IGCS - Journals:

Wenti yu zhuyi (Issues and Ideology)

Ed./Corp.: Yang Zhizhu et al., Beijing, PR China
Language: Chinese (GB).
Numbering: 1 (Oct. 2000) -
Frequency: Monthly.

Self description: "[trsl. from Chinese:] Issues and Ideology was
established by Qin Hui [Prof. at Qinghua Univ., Inst. of History - ed.], Du
Gangjian [State Academy of Administration - ed.] and Huang Zhong [China
Economic Times - ed.], its general editor being Yang Zhizhu [China Youth
College for Political Science - ed.]. It is an electronic journal for
like-minded people, looking at Chinese problems from a liberal point of
view. Its most characteristic feature is that it publishes unabridged
manuscripts. [...] Articles submitted to us for publication [...] should
adhere to the values of liberalism, egalitarianism, democracy, human
rights, and the rule of law, and should show a certain amount of freshness
of thought. [...]"

Description: Established in Oct. 2000, this is a Chinese monthly with a
rapidly increasing readership. Many of its editors and authors have
published in print and on-line on current political, economic and
demographic problems in China and are facing various degrees of trouble
because of there unfearing analyisis (cf. reports in Taiwan Today News
Network, 21 Jul 2000, Yazhou zhoukan 33 (20 Aug 2000), and elsewhere).

Achive: All past issues are freely available.


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