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08 Jun 2001 (HL)

New in IGCS - Biographies / Bibliographies:

The Morrison Collection of Chinese Books

Ed./Corp.: Andrew C. West
Language: English.

Self description: "This site provides information relating to the Morrison
Collection of Chinese Books at the School of Oriental and African Studies
(SOAS). This collection was formed by Dr. Robert Morrison (1782-1834), the
first Protestant missionary to China, whilst living in Canton and Macau
between 1807 and 1824. Information about the collections of William Marsden
(1754-1836) and Sir George Thomas Staunton (1781-1859), inherited by SOAS
from King's College London, are also included."

Description: Next to the various catalogues this site also contains a short
biography of Robert Morrison and an introduction to the collection.

Site contents: (1) Introduction (Site Contents; Robert Morrison; The
Collection; The Catalogue; Notes); (2) Morrison's Manuscript Catalogue
(Edited transcription of Morrison's own manuscript catalogue of his Chinese
books); (3) Index of "RM" Numbers (Index of the catalogue numbers assigned
to books in Morrison's Manuscript Catalogue); (4) Index of UCL Shelfmarks
(Index of the shelfmarks of the bound items in the Morrison Chinese Library
as held at University College London (UCL) during the nineteenth-century);
(5) The Williams Report (Extract from the 1854 Report on the Contents of
the Morrison Chinese Library by John Williams); (6) The Marsden Collection
(Summary of the contents of William Marsdens's collection books and
manuscripts in Oriental and African languages that were transferred to SOAS
from King's College London in 1920); (7) The Staunton Collection (List of
Sir George Staunton's collection of Chinese printed books donated to King's
College London in 1853); (8) Lost and Found (List of missing books from the
Morrison Collection); (9) Addenda to the Catalogue (Catalogue records for
books omitted from the 1998 printed cataloe of the Morrison Collection).

Resource suggested by Andrew C. West.


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