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中國中央電視台 (China Central Television - CCTV)

Ed./Corp.:  CCTV, PR China
Language: Chinese (GB, Big5).

Self description: "China Central Television (CCTV) is the national TV
network of the People's Republic of China. CCTV went on the air on a trial
basis on May 1, 1958. The station officially started regular transmissions
on September 2 the same year. It began broadcasting color TV programs
through PAL-D System in 1973. [...] CCTV currently has 8 channels,
broadcasting 138 hours of programs daily. CCTV-1 broadcasts a comprehensive
range of programmes, with the emphasis on news and current affairs. CCTV-2
focuses on economic, social and educational topics.CCTV-3 airs operas and
music. CCTV-4, also known as CCTV international, presents a variety of
programming targeted at overseas viewers. CCTV-5 is a sports channel.
CCTV-6 is for movies. CCTV-7 is a combination channel for children,
agriculture, the military, and science subjects. CCTV-8 is solely devoted
to TV dramas. The coverage of CCTV-1 now reaches over 84% of the total
population of China, with the number of regular viewers exceeding 900
million, who own 280 million TV sets."

Site contents: Major TV news items are also provided as streaming video
(Real Player). Also available: US mirror site and an English channel.

Note: Real Player and sound equipment necessary!


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