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15 Jul 2001 (HL)

New in IGCS - IGCS - Politics/Economy:

Country Briefings: China

Ed./Corp.: The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), The Economist, London, UK
Language: English.

Self description: "[...] articles from The Economist, background profiles,
forecast and statistics from The Economist Intelligence Unit, market and
currency updates, news headlines and links."

Description: A must visit if you need a brief but efficient introduction to
the country, its political and economical structure, and who the current
power players are. The EIU as driving force behind this site guarantees
well informed and timely background information even for the time to come.

Site contents: (1) China home; (2) Fact sheet (Population; Land Area;
Currency; GDP; Inflation; Background; Political structure; Policy issues;
Foreign trade; Taxation); (3) Forecast (Overview; Key changes from last
month: political outlook/economic policy outlook/economic forecast); (4)
Political forces (Government bodies; Main political fitures; etc.) ; (5)
Political structure; (6) Economic structure; (7) Economic data (four
years); (8) From the Economist (recent articles); (9) Related items.

Note: Most of the contents are free, only some special articles require
access fee or payed subscription.

Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (12 Jul 2001) by Gary
Price (George Washington University, Washington DC, USA).


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