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13 Jul 2001 (HL)

New in IGCS - Fulltext Databases:

Zuozhuan Digital Indices

Ed./Corp.: John Page and Isabel Garcia Hidalgo, El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico
Language: Engish, Chinese (Big5).

Self description: "This system facilitates query and display of the
Zuozhuan text and the lexical material contained in the Fraser/Lockhart
Index here linked in a database. The goal of this system is to facilitate
study, analysis and translation of the Zuozhuan."

Site contents: (1) Direct search in Chinese to the Zuozhuan text; (2) Pages
of the Zuozhuan (Any page of the 1815 Ruan Yuan edition of the Zuozhuan
Chinese text as it appears in the 1982 Hong Kong U.P. reprint of the Ch'un
Ts'ew with the Tso Chuen can be displayed); (3) Years of the Zuozhuan; (4)
English equivalents of Chinese entry graphs in the Index and their location
in the Zuozhuan (Recovers the English equivalents of any Chinese entry
graph in the Index. Selection of any of these English meanings elicits a
list of their locations in the Zuozhuan text at which the Chinese graph is
used with the selected meaning and from those locations, the complete page
may be displayed); (5) Specific English meaning associated with a Chinese
graph in a specific location in the Zuozhuan (Any page of the Zuozhuan may
be displayed and any Chinese graph on it selected to display its meaning at
that location highlighted in red); (6) Subjects in the Zuozhuan (Selection
of any subject recorded in the Subject Index in English displays a list of
the Chinese graphs associated with it and the frequency of occurrence.
Selection of any of these graphs provides direct access to the context in
which they appear)

Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (13 Jul 2001) by John
Page, El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico.


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