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22 Jul 2001 (HL)

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故宮博物院 (Beijing Palace Museum)

Ed./Corp.:  The Palace Museum, Bejing, China
Language: Chinese (Big5, GB), parts also available in English and Japanese.

Supplied note: "[...] The Beijing Palace Museum has gone online [on] 16th
July 2001, offering its many treasured artefacts for world-wide viewing. It
took three years and some US$2.5 million for this cybernetic project. [...]"

Description: A very resourceful site, including dictionary entries for
famous artists, names and institutions; some background information on
displayed artefacts; and sometimes even related articles from Chinese
journals (some in fulltext, some in citation only). However, the WWW
"hightech" used on this site very often is more a show-off than a real help
in accessing the material.

Site contents: (1) 故宮博物院總說 General Introduction to the Palace
Museum; (2) 紫禁城快訊 Latest News; (3) 紫禁城遊覽 Tour through the
Forbidden City; (4) 藏品精粹 Collection Highlights; (5) 網上博物苑 On-line
Museum; (6) 紫禁城宮殿 Palaces of the Forbidden City; (7) 明清五百年 500
Years of Ming and Qing Dynasty; (8) 專家論壇 Ask the Scholars; (9) 故宮藏書
Precious Books; (10) 故宮出版物 Publications; (11) 文物保護 Preservation of
the Artefacts; (12) 精品贈送 Giftshop; (13) 關於本站 About this Site; (14)
友情鏈接 Links.

Note: Some parts require special plug-ins for full display; loading time of
images can be very long!

Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (20 Jul 2001) by Siu-Leung


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