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15 Aug 2001 (HL)

New in IGCS - Fulltext databases:

Guodian Chu jian (Chu Bamboo Strips of Guodian)

Ed./Corp.: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Language: Chinese (Big5).

Self description: [transl. from the Chinese:] "The database of "Chu Bamboo
Strips of Guodian" is a collaborative project of the Library of the Chinese
University of Hong Kong and Prof. Zhang Guangyu (Department of Chinese
Language and Literature, Chinese University of Hong Kong). The project
consists mainly of Zhang Guangyu's book "Guodian Chu jian yanjiu" (Taipei :
Yiwen yinshuguan, 1999-), which has been made available as searchable
database on the Web. [...] The Chu Bamboo Strips from Guodian were
excavated in 1993 at Guodian (Jingmen district, Hubei province), numbering
703 strips with 12072 characters. The strips date back to the late Warring
States period and contain 16 Taoist and Confucian texts."

Description: The database allows very simple searches for slip number, slip
title, and slip content (full-text); no further capabilities (e.g. results
handling etc.) are provided.

Site contents: (1) Laozi; (2) Taiyi sheng shui; (3) Zi yi; (4) Lu Mu gong
wen Zi Si; (5) Qiong da yi shi; (6) Wu xing; (7) Tang Yu zhi dao; (8)
Zhongxin zhi dao; (9) Cheng zhi wen zhi; (10) Zun de yi; (11) Xing zi ming
chu; (12) Liu de; (13) Yu cong 1-4; (14) Others.

Note: For full display of all characters a special character extension is
needed  which can only be installed under Chinese Windows or Windows 2000
and later.

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