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21 Oct 2001 (Hanno Lecher)

Revised entry in IGCS - History:

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Ed./Corp.: Long Bow Group, Brookline, MA, USA
Language: English, Chinese.

Self description: "[...] our website contains extensive information about
the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, along with background material on
recent Chinese history and human rights issues. The site also explores many
underlying themes, such as democracy, human rights, reform and revolution,
and nationalism. It has over 1200 pages in English and 800 pages in
Chinese, as well as an 'interactive' map of Tiananmen Square and a Media
Library with posters, photographs, music and more than fifty video clips.
We have updated and improved the site, and it has now been moved
permanently to a new, more secure server" (email from Nora Chang, Long Bow
Group, 9 Oct. 2001).

Description: "Information on the 1989 student pro-democracy movement in
China and subsequent massacre. The site also offers resources on related
information such as the Democracy Wall, Tiananmen Square and Wei Jingsheng.
The Group's growing Digital Library of documentary material is also well
worth a visit - it includes movie clips, stills and sound archives drawn
mainly from the era of the PRC." (Asian Studies WWW Monitor, June 1996).

Contents: (1) Film and Media (Media Library; Making of the Film;
Characters; Reviews, Commentary, and Controversy; Transcript; Media
Studies: Making the News); (2) Tiananmen Square Tour; (3) Themes
(Democracy; Reform and Revolution; Human Rights; Making the News; Making
History; Nationalism; Russia and Europe); (4) Chronology; (5) Additional
Readings and Links (Beijing Spring 1989; Chinese Government Account; Role
of the Media; Film-related themes and issues; Chinese Rock Music; ...); (6)
Site Map; (7) Chinese Edition.


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