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12 Nov 2001 (Hanno Lecher)

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Critical Asian Studies

Ed./Corp.: Critical Asian Studies, Cedar, MI, USA
ISSN: 1467-2715 (1968-1969: 0898-7785; 1969-2000: 0007-4810).

Numbering: 1.1 (May 1968) - 1.3 (Mar 1969) (appeared as: CCAS Newsletter);
1.4 (May 1969) - 32.4 (2000) (appeared as: Bulletin of Concerned Asian
Scholars); 33.1 (2001) -.

Frequency: Quarterly.

Language: English.

Self description: "Beginning in 2001 (Vol. 33, No. 1) the Bulletin of
Concerned Asian Scholars became Critical Asian Studies and the
peer-reviewed quarterly journal is being published by Routledge. We have a
new title and a new publishing arrangement but the mission of the journal
remains as it was framed in 1969 by the Committee of Concerned Asian
Scholars: to develop a humane and knowledgeable understanding of Asian
societies and their efforts to maintain cultural integrity and to confront
such problems as poverty, oppression, and imperialism [; and] to create
alternatives to the prevailing trends in scholarship on Asia, which too
often spring from a parochial cultural perspective and serve selfish
interests and expansionism."

Description: The Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars (CCAS) was founded
in 1968 "in opposition to the brutal aggression of the United States in
Vietnam and to the complicity or silence of our profession with regard to
that policy" (original statement of purpose, Boston 1969). The initial
focus of its bulletin "[...] was on the impact of U.S. power on the peoples
of Southeast and East Asia -- and the efforts of Asian people to define
their own past, present, and future along different lines, including
anti-imperialist and revolutionary ones. [...] Our goals explicitly
included examining the intellectual approaches by which Asia was understood
in the West and the ways in which reigning theoretical frameworks in
universities and professional institutions excluded Asian aspirations and
experiences. Those goals, spelled out in our original statement of purpose,
remain central to our scholarship" (latest statement of CAS, January 2001).

Site contents: (1) Aims and Scope; (2) CAS Statement; (3) Editors,
Editorial Board, and Advisory Board; (4) Contents and Abstracts; (5) Search
Contents (by author, title, or full text); (6) Full-Text Access (for
institutional subscribers or for purchase); (7) Bulletin of Concerned Asian
Scholars Highlights (incl. back issues etc.); and more.

Availability: Beginning with 33.1 (2001) table of contents and absctracts
are freely available, full-text access only for subscribed institutions and
individuals. For back issues prior to vol.32 no.4 (2000) only table of
contents available.


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