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08 Nov 2001 (Hanno Lecher)

New in IGCS - Bibliographies:

Union List of Handicraft Regulations (jiangzuo zeli K@h) in Chinese
and International Collections : Draft Version

Ed./Corp.: Christine Moll-Murata and Song Jianze, Univ. of Tuebingen, Germany
Language: English.

Self description: "[... This] catalogue has been devised in the framework
of the DFG Project on State and Handicrafts in Peking, 1700-1900 and in
cooperation with the Qinghua University Institute for the History of
Science and Technology and Ancient Documents. It is based on Wang
Shixiangs list first published in Yanjing xuebao in 1995 which has been
reprinted and expanded in the first two volumes of Qingdai jiangzuo zeli.
[...] Since those lists were published, further bibliographical research
has brought more texts to light, so that our knowledge about handicraft
regulations is constantly increasing. [...] Our main criterion for
classification is the text type as designated in the book titles. Below
that level, the list is arranged topically and chronologically. An
alphabetic pinyin title index is appended."

Description: This catalogue currently lists 123 titles.

Site contents: (1) Regulations and precedents (zeli h); (2) Measurement
inventories (qingce MU); (3) Technical instructions (zuofa @k); (4)
Handbooks of calculation for construction (fenfa k); (5) Prices of
materials and wages (wujia he gongjia Mu); (6) Appendices (List of
printed catalogues; List of online catalogues; Pinyin title index; Statistics)

Note: Large file (400 K) in Adobe PDF format.

Resource suggested by Christine Moll-Murata, Univ. of Tuebingen, Germany.


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