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07 Jan 2002 (Sarah Talbot)

New in IGCS - Archaeology:

Regional Lifeways and Cultural Remains in the Northern Corridor: Chifeng
International Collaborative Archaeological Research Project

Ed./Corp.: The Chifeng Collaborative Archaeological Research Project
Language: English.

Self description: "For many decades Chinese archaeologists have been
interested in the ancient peoples who lived along and beyond the Great Wall
in a region called the beifang, or Northern Corridor. . . Our goal is to put
into regional context the relevant archaeological materials already
accumulated from burials and caches and, by using regional survey methods
followed by test excavations, to systematically investigate the emergence of
pastoralism in our targeted area near Chifeng, Inner Mongolia."

Description: Detailed information on an archaeological research programme in
the Chifeng region complete with images of excavations, locations and
artefacts. The site also outlines socio-political change in the region over
thousands of years, from Early Neolithic cultures to the Han Dynasty.

Site contents: Introduction, The Project, Theoretical and Methodological
Implications, The Research Area, Xinglongwa and Zhaobaogou, Hongshan and
Xiaoheyan, Lower Xiajiadian, Upper Xiajiadian, Warring States to Han, Future
Field Seasons.


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