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Dear subscribers to the Internet Guide for Chinese Studies Newsletter!

Let me first of all wish you a happy New Year. I hope that this year will be
a better and especially a more peaceful one than the last year.

I'd also like to thank those who have been longterm subscribers to the IGCS
Newsletter for their continued support, and at the same time welcome the new
ones who perhaps have not recieved a single newsletter until today (maybe
you already started wondering).

Well, after a prolonged pause being filled with other duties and projects,
and of course with some vacation, I am resuming my responsibility towards
the IGCS again and will send out the first 2002 issues today, trying to
continue this service on a weekly basis, if possible.

I'd also like to let you know that in the background silent toiling is
happening all the time, the most important task being the transformation of
the IGCS into a database. Much has been done already, and the first beta
tests are lying ahead. However, the result of this endeavor should not
change look and feel of the IGCS too much, though it should improve
searchability a lot. Moreover, the current sections will be further
developed, each with a portal site on top (including meta information and
additional services tailored to the respective sections) and the data
belonging to that section at the level below. You can have a look at the
IGCS Media Section at for a first
look (work still in progress).

Thank you again for your patience and support,

with my best wishes to all of you,

Hanno Lecher


Hanno Lecher ([log in to unmask])



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