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09 Jun 2002 (HL)

New in IGCS - Chinese Culture and Art:

Yangban xi - Model Operas

Ed./Corp.:, Shanghai, China
Language: Chinese (GB).

Description: This site contains scanned comics versions (lianhuan hua) of
some of the most important model operas (yangban xi) of the Cultural
Revolution. Initially there have been eight operas, but at the end of the
Cultural Revolution their number had grown to 18. They "[...] are taken as
paradigmatic for all there was of Cultural Revolution Culture. They are
condemned as an aberration in terms of aesthetic and cultural development.
[... However,] the yangbanxi are everything else but the product of an
iconoclastic, and xenophobic era as which the Cultural Revolution is so
often described. Instead, they are manifestations of a hybrid taste which
calls for the transformation of Chinese tradition according to foreign
standards, a taste which for a century has led to the creation of a Chinese
culture with foreign imprint. Therefore, the model works cannot simply be
considered a hideous perversion of the Maoist experiment of re-inventing a
new -- Chinese but revolutionary -- culture. Instead, the yangbanxi have
their rightful place in a long series of attempted syntheses of foreign and
Chinese heritage that continues to the present day." (Barbara Mittler,
Introduction to the workshop "Rethinking Cultural Revolution Culture",

Site contents: (1) Baimao nü (White-haired Girl); (2) Shajiabang (The
Village Shajiabang); (3) Hong deng ji (Story of the Red Lamp); (4) Hongse
niangzi jun (Red Detachment of Women); (5) Qixi Baihu tuan (Raid on the
White Tiger Regiment); (6) Zhiqu Weihu shan (Taking Tiger Mountain by
Strategy); (7) Pingyuan zuo zhan (Battle in the Plain); (8) Longjiang song
(Ode on the Dragon River); (9) Haigang (On the Dock).

Resource suggested by Nico Volland, University of Heidelberg, Germany.


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