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18 Jan 2003 (HL)

Updated entry (new URL, new functionality):

Classical Bibliography for Chinese History

Ed./Corp.: Benjamin Elman, East Asian Studies Department, Princeton
University, Princeton, NJ, USA.
Language: English, with parts in Chinese (Big5).

Self description: This bibliography pulls together materials that Benjamin
Elman has been compiling for the past ten years with the help of graduate
students. Its intended audience is anyone interested in doing research in
Chinese history (broadly defined) but with a focus on the Ming (1368-1644)
and Qing dynasty (1644-1911).

Description: Since this site has been developed for a long period of time by
one of the leading experts in Chinese history, its richness of resources and
quality of content are almost unmatched on the Internet. After moving to its
new address in January 2003 the romanization has been switched to Pinyin and
a global search engine has been added to its functionality.

Contents: (1) Introduction to Classical Chinese Historiography; (2) Relevant
Electronic Resources for Chinese Studies; (3) Dictionaries; (4) Selected
List Of Bibliographical & Geographical Aids; (5) Biographical Aids; (6)
Some Aids For Translating Chinese Official Titles & Institutions; (7)
Reference Guide to Classical Book Titles; (8) The Four Parts; (9)
Bibliography of Chinese Classics & Literature In Translation With Recent
Related Histories; (10) Selected English Bibliography For Chinese
Civilization: A Brief Topical and Historical Survey to Ming Times; (11)
Sources For The Ming Dynasty; (12) Sources For The Qing Dynasty; (13) Civil
and Military Examination Bibliographies.


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