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20 Jun 2003 (HL)

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HKJA 2003 Annual Report: False security. Hong Kong's national security laws
pose a grave threat to freedom of expression

Ed./Corp.: Hong Kong Journalists Association / Article 19, Hong Kong, PR
China, Jun 2003.
Language: English.

Self description: "Hong Kong's political transition - from British colony to
special administrative region of the People's Republic of China - while
outwardly smooth, has seen several lamentable markers. As this year's annual
report - the 11th joint report of the Hong Kong Journalists Association
(HKJA) and ARTICLE 19 - goes to press, we are readying ourselves for
another; the likely passage, in mid-July, of laws to prohibit treason,
sedition, secession, subversion and the theft of state secrets, as set down
under article 23 of Hong Kong's constitution, the Basic Law. [...]"

Site contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Conclusions and recommendations; (3)
The passage of national security laws (The government's proposals; Street
battles and the numbers game; The HKJA's response; No meaningful
concessions; The blue bill; The end game); (4) The implications of national
security laws (Sedition offences set to chill freedoms; Theft of state
secrets proposals breed uncertainty; Draconian powers of search and
seizure); (5) Judicial protection for the media (Gains in defamation cases;
The press versus the state; The people versus the state); (6) National
security laws: The lessons from SARS (A virus spreads, and so do the lies;
Protecting whose safety?; Week one: what you don't know can't kill you; Week
two: all quiet in Guangdong; Week three: anxieties, more anxieties; Week
four: "Save us please; we're exhausted"; Week five: a doctor is angry; Week
six: the real truth, more or less; Week seven & beyond: don't celebrate
yet); (7) Other media developments in 2002-03.

Previous annual reports:
2002: The Line Hardens. Tougher stance on civil rights threatens freedom of
expression in Hong Kong.
2001: [Last year Taiwan, this year the Falun Gong].
2000: Patriot Games. Hong Kong's media face to face with the Taiwan factor.
1999: The Ground Rules Change. Freedom of expression in Hong Kong two years
after the handover to China.

Older annual reports are still available at the Internet Archive
1998: Questionable Beginnings. A report on Freedom of Expression in the Hong
Kong SAR one year after the change of sovereignty.
1994-1997: [no titles].
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