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01 Jul 2003 (HL)

New in IGCS - Dictionaries:

A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

Ed./Corp.: William Edward Soothill and Lewis Hodous [ed. of orig. print
version]; Charles Muller [ed. digitized version].
Language: English, Chinese (UTF-8).

Self description: [... Although] an extremely dated work, having reached
completion during the mid 1930's, [... and thus] the understanding of the
philosophical terminology coming out of such systems as Mâdhyamika and
Yogâcâra [... tending] to be simplistic, if not completely erroneous [...,]
about every serious scholar of East Asian Buddhism has a copy of the
Soothill/Hodous dictionary in her/his personal library (perhaps stashed
somewhere next to a copy of Mathew's). This is an indication of an important
fact about the dictionary: there is a large amount of information contained
within it that can't readily be found elsewhere. Most notably information on
Indian and Central Asian place names, personal names, temple names and so
forth, but also lots of information on hybrid Sanskrit and transliterations
that one will not find in any other dictionary, East Asian or otherwise.

Contents: (1) Preface to the Digital Edition (Why Digitize Soothill?; Status
of the Digital Document and Treatment of its Contents; Acknowledgments); (2)
Professor Soothill's Preface; (3) Professor Hodous' Preface; (4) A
Dictionary of Chinese-Buddhist Terms; (5) Download (HTML file and XML

Note: Large file (3,5 MB)!

Resource suggested by Matthias Arnold, Heidelberg University, Germany.


With kind regards,

Hanno E. Lecher



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