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14 Aug 2003 (HL)

New in IGCS - Politics:

The e-Government Entry Point of Taiwan

Ed./Corp.: Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan,
Taibei, Taiwan.
Language: Chinese (Big5), English.

Self description: This website is a unified gateway to the government's
public services and a high-speed communication link between the government
and the people. It allows users to query a wide range of government
information and perform online application tasks.

Description: A 2002 study of global e-government undertaken by researchers
at Brown University (USA) lists Taiwan as best in e-government performance,
followed by South Korea, Canada and the United States. Reviewed  were 1,197
national government websites in 198 countries during June and July, 2002.
Among the sites analyzed were those of executive offices, legislative
offices, judicial offices, Cabinet offices, and major agencies serving
crucial functions of government, such as health, human services, taxation,
education, interior, economic development, administration, natural
resources, foreign affairs, foreign investment, transportation, military,
tourism, and business regulation. More than two dozen different criteria
were used for evaluation, including the availability of contact information,
publications, databases, portals, privacy, security, disability access, and
the number of online services.

Contents: (1) Indices (Government Web pages; Government addresses;
Government email addresses); (2) Application form services; (3) Living
(Weather; Culture; Books and libraries; Medical services; Tourist
information; Traffic and transport); (4) News services; (5) General
information; and others.

Resource suggested by Matthias Arnold, Heidelberg University, Germany.


With kind regards,

Hanno E. Lecher



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