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03 Apr 2004 (Hanno Lecher)

New in IGCS - Biographies:

China Vitae

Ed./Corp.: David D. Gries, China Vitae, [Washington, USA?].
Language: English.

Self description: China Vitae is an online biographical database that
provides more than 2500 biographies of current Chinese political, military,
economic, business, and academic leaders. The China Vitae database offers
state-of-the-art searches of its biographies, including advanced tools for
learning about the backgrounds and careers of senior Chinese officials.
China Vitae's database is extensively cross-referenced. Employing an array
of search tools, users can easily create lists of officials who have similar
career paths, organizational affiliations, education, and places of origin.
The cross-referencing allows users to follow the lives and careers of
Chinese officials, individually or in groups, from birth to the present,
facilitating background studies of officials in politics, military,
business, and academia. In addition to the main China Vitae database, VIP
Appearances, a second database, tracks the public appearances of several
hundred senior Chinese officials, allowing its users to follow the daily
activities of those officials whose lives and views influence Chinese
policies. China Vitae also offers links to other databases of biographical
information on Chinese officials.

Description: An exceptional and long needed resource! And the best: it's
free of charge!

Contents: (1) Research Center (gives you quick access to biographies, the
most recent VIP Appearances and updates, as well as a research library
covering major government organizations); (2) Search the Database; (3)
Browse by Institution; (4) View Detailed Biographies; (5) Search History;
(6) Discover Connections; (7) Compare Personal Histories; (8) Track VIP
Appearances (for a select group of important individuals, we report on
recent speeches, attendence at meetings, and other public appearances).

Resource suggested by Thomas Kampen, University of Heidelberg, Germany.


With kind regards,

Hanno E. Lecher



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